40 years of history and tradition, but most of all, 40 years of constant innovations, discoveries, researches, to meet the requests, the needs and desires of new mothers, always updated on trends and emerging brands and for this reason more and more challenging!

We love those products that have a story to tell.

We started off in 1969 and the enthusiasm and curiosity are still the same. We hope you can all experience the same emotions infront of the products we selected. In 40 years we've expanded, evolved, continuously renewed...


Once upon a time , back in '69 ,
Mr. B (which was not really a man but a boy of 22 years old),
coming back from work (he was an accountanent) had an idea!

He returned home to his wife,
Mrs. P ( she was a girl of 20 years old)
which was coddling the Little M, born recently , and announced his plan...

" I want to open a shop! It will be a perfume store and you will run it ! "

Mrs. P , because she would have liked to stay home and be a mom , but she liked the idea , and since she was a dreamer , the kind that make dreams become something big, she said yes , but on one condition ...

" Ok , we will open a store, and I will manage it , but it will be a footwear store for kids! and ... there will be strange , colorful, rubber soles , new brands that nobody has ever heard of him ... then maybe one day become a clothing store, and then sell clothes for important ceremonies , but also everyday clothing and dress children from birth to when they grow up ... then maybe one day even the little M will want to work there ... or not , he will do something different, because he alrady wants to keep the pen in his hand and has such a meditative look... he seems to be more interested in something intellectual ... Anyway! So maybe one day we'll have a little girl , and she will then continue this activity ... maybe from Prato then open new outlets in the world

Mrs. P could not stop dreaming and planning and talking and Mr B was almost regretting his idea but it was done ! and blah, blah, blah ... "

In November 1969 in the center of Prato, Minimoda was born and immediately brought a wave of enthusiasm, of novelty and color and new fashion habits to the citizens of Prato who were accustomed to classic shoes with leather sole and a rigorous look, and then as Mrs. P had imagined , everything went like in her dreams ...

Minimoda became more and more big, began to take on its committed staff and became the most talented of the city,
and everyone loved it (because Mrs. P was a pain in the ass and her girls worked really well to make that job ! )

Minimoda and then became a really big clothing store with brands most beautiful in the world, and then the daughter that Mr B and Mrs P had in '72 indeed continued to do that job ...
and as in the dreams of his parents brought Minimoda in the world ... not opening more stores but opening the e-commerce is here now , under your eyes are reading !

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